Logging in to the Web Client

Logging in Using Windows Authentication

By default, the Use Windows Authentication box is checked.  If you are logged in to your Windows network, and you wish to log in to the Web Client as yourself, leave this box checked, and click Login.

Logging in Without Using Windows Authentication

If you wish to log in to the Web Client using a different User ID, uncheck the Use Windows Authentication box.  Enter the User ID and Password you wish to use, and click Login.

Delegating As Another User

FaxUtil lets users designate other users on the network as their delegates.  A delegate of another user's mailbox has the ability to open that user's  fax mailbox, view and respond to their faxes, and create and send faxes from their mailbox exactly as though they were that person.

Using this Web Client, you cannot assign delegate permissions.  If you wish to assign delegate permissions, you can do so using FaxUtil.  

To Learn More About Assigning Delegates Using FaxUtil:

1.     In FaxUtil, open the Help drop-down menu at the top.

2.     Click Contents.

3.     Select the Index tab.

4.     Type delegates, then click Display.

Once you have assigned delegate permissions to another user, that user can Delegate As you using the Web Client.  If you have not assigned delegate permissions to another user, and that user tries to delegate as you, they will receive an error.  The permissions must already be in place.


John Smith (User ID: JSMITH) knows he will be on vacation for two weeks, but he will be receiving some important faxes during this time.  

Using FaxUtil, he assigns delegate permissions to Steve Miller.

When John goes on vacation, Steve Miller logs in to the Web Client using his own User ID and Password, but in the Delegate As field, he enters JSMITH.

Steve Miller is logged in to the system as himself, but is now viewing John Smith's folders and faxes.  If Steve sends a new fax or a reply, it will appear to have come from John Smith.